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    Applications of Paper Coater

    1.We have provided paper coating machine solutions for clients in the following:

    Client Name Country Paper Type Width/Vehicle Speed Supply equipment
    Hongsheng Paper Co., Ltd of Fuyang City China Coated white board paper 2565/200 A set of blade coater

    2.Applications of Our Coater in Hongsheng Paper Co., Ltd of Fuyang City:
    The first blade coater was put in practice in Fuyang Hongsheng Paper Co., Ltd in 2003. Its net paper width is about 2565mm, and vehicle speed is about 200m/min. Its coating capacity is quite good, and paper sheets coated by our coater have high smoothness and glossiness. And the price? of the paper coated by our machine is 100-200yuan higher per ton when compared with other similar products.

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